Threadneedle Street

British Linen Bank

37-38 Threadneedle Street, EC2Built:  1902-1903Architect:  John Macvicar AndersonLocation:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II  (1972) Between 1725 and 1900, this was the location of a large building known as South Sea House, headquarters of the eponymous South Sea Company.  Rebuilt-after a fire… Read More »British Linen Bank

Oriental Bank Co.

40 Threadneedle Street, EC2Built:  not documented (but between 1845 and 1887)Architect:  not documentedLocation:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II  (1977) Squeezed between the Eagle Insurance and British Linen Bank buildings, at the entrance to Adam’s Court, stands an arcaded building with a… Read More »Oriental Bank Co.

Eagle Insurance

41-42 Threadneedle Street, EC2Built:  1902,  extended in 1957Architect:  John McVicar Anderson  (extension by Waterhouse & Ripley)Location:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II  (1977) This refined, yet very approachable building benefits from its position next to the front court at No. 40 (Adams… Read More »Eagle Insurance

Africa Banking Corporation

43-47 Threadneedle Street, EC2Built:  1890Architect:  T. H. SmithLocation:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II  (1977) In 1890, a consortium of major British banks (Lloyds, National Provincial, Westminster) together with the Standard Bank of South Africa established a new bank with headquarters in… Read More »Africa Banking Corporation

City Bank

currently the Threadneedles Hotel 5-6 Threadneedle Street, EC2Built:  1855-56Architect:  William and Andrew MoseleyLocation:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II  (1972) This building is an excellent example of a medium-sized but ‘high-spec’ palazzo of the type favoured by early joint-stock banks in the… Read More »City Bank

Westminster Bank

51-53 Threadneedle Street and 9 Old Broad Street, EC2Built:  1922-1931Architect:  Arthur Joseph DavisLocation:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II*  (1971) Unlike some other large City ‘ground scrapers’ of the first half of the 20th C., this building does not benefit from the… Read More »Westminster Bank

The Hampshire Banking Co.

Corner of Bishopsgate & Threadneedle Street (N. 39), EC2Built: 1874-76Architect: Theodore Knolles GreenLocation: BishopsgateListing: Grade II (1977) The Hampshire Banking Co., which commissioned this building, was established in 1834 as a joint-stock bank and, one year after merging with the… Read More »The Hampshire Banking Co.