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Offices at 48 Bishopsgate

48 Bishopsgate, EC2
Built: 1896
Architect:  Hyman Henry Collins & Marcus Evelyn Collins
Location: Bishopsgate
Listing: Grade II (1977)

The ornate facade on Bishopsgate is only slightly asymmetric, above the ground storey.

The small office building at No. 48 is flanked by two very plain houses (one is a listed, 18th century survivor) and occupies a footprint that is only slightly wider than taht of its neighbours . Apart from contrasting vividly with the surrounding Bishopsgate streetscape, now dominated by modern architecture on steroids, this small remnant of the older City preservesa charming little gem of a building.

From the Doric entablature of an implied order, to the arched entrance door frame and ornate, French-like ironwork and dormers, it is replete with a wealth of ornament that, if not excessive, is certainly generous for such a smallish structure.

In its way, it is an excellent example of the dignity and timelessness that properly handled stonework can confer on any structure. A 1932 photograph in the City archives labels it as the offices of the Anglo Czechoslovak and Prague Credit Bank.

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