Offices at 48 Bishopsgate

48 Bishopsgate, EC2Built: 1896Architect:  H.H. & M.E. CollinsLocation: BishopsgateListing: Grade II (1977) The small office building at No. 48 is flanked by two very plain houses (one is a listed, 18th century survivor) and occupies a footprint that is only… Read More »Offices at 48 Bishopsgate

Hudson Bay House

now Hasilwood House 52-68 Bishopsgate, EC2 Built: 1926-28 Architect:  Mewés & Davis Location: Bishopsgate Listing: Grade II (1977) The Hudson Bay Company was headquartered at various locations in the City since being founded, in the 17th century. Construction of Hudson Bay… Read More »Hudson Bay House

National Provincial Bank

now Gibson Hall 15 Bishopsgate, EC2Built: 1864-66Architect: John GibsonLocation: BishopsgateListing: Grade I (1950) The National Provincial Bank, which later became one of the constituents of National Westminster, was one of the earliest, most aggressively commercial joint-stock banks and probably the first… Read More »National Provincial Bank

The Hampshire Banking Co.

Corner of Bishopsgate & Threadneedle Street (N. 39), EC2Built: 1874-76Architect: Theodore Knolles GreenLocation: BishopsgateListing: Grade II (1977) The Hampshire Banking Co., which commissioned this building, was established in 1834 as a joint-stock bank and, one year after merging with the… Read More »The Hampshire Banking Co.

New City Chambers

7-9 Bishopsgate, EC2Built: 1892Architect:  Herbert Alexander PellyLocation: BishopsgateListing: Grade II (1977) Though perhaps not as profuse in detailing or graceful in articulation as some of the more iconic buildings along Bishopsgate and nearby Cornhill and Threadneedle streets, this building is… Read More »New City Chambers

Royal Bank of Scotland

3-5 Bishopsgate, EC2Built: 1877Architect:  Thomas Chatfield ClarkeLocation: BishopsgateListing: Grade II (1977) When the Royal Bank of Scotland opened its first London branch in 1874, it was located on Bishopsgate, at No. 124. The adjoining premises were then purchased and this… Read More »Royal Bank of Scotland


Bishopsgate is the name of a major City street as well as one of its wards and derives from gate that once stood upon it.  Bishopsgate was one of the seven double gates that afforded passage through the medieval walls.… Read More »Bishopsgate