Trinity House

Trinity Square, EC3Built:  1793-96, additions and repair 1952-53Architect:  Samuel Wyatt   (1952-53 work: Sir Albert Edward Richardson)Location:  Tower HillListing:  Grade I  (1950) Samuel was James Wyatt’s less ‘artistic’ but technically very proficient brother and this particular edifice, both in plan and… Read More »Trinity House

Custom House

20 Lower Thames Street, EC3Built: 1812-17; central bay rebuilt 1825-28Architect:  David Laing; rebuilt section Sir Robert SmirkeLocation:  Lower Thames StreetListing:  Grade I  (1972) The current Custom House was built in the 1810s to Laing’s design, following a fire that destroyed… Read More »Custom House

Vintners Hall

68 Upper Thames Street, EC4Built:  1908-10 (atop the original 1671-75 fabric and 1821 modifications)Architect:  Alexander Henry Kersey  (17th century portion possibly Edward Jerman)Location:  Upper Thames StreetListing:  Grade I  (1950) Ownership of this site by the Vintners probably goes back to… Read More »Vintners Hall

Watermen’s Hall

16 St Mary-at-Hill, EC3Built:  1778-80Architect:  William BlackburnLocation:  Lower Thames StreetListing:  Grade II*  (1950) The Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames was founded in 1514 under an Act of Parliament.   It remains the only ancient City guild… Read More »Watermen’s Hall

Bridewell Gatehouse

14 New Bridge Street, EC4Built: 1802-1808Architect:  James LewisLocation: New Bridge StreetListing: Grade II*   (1950) In the middle ages and early modern era, two major complexes defined the area circumscribed by Fleet Street to the north, Temple Inn to the west… Read More »Bridewell Gatehouse