Scottish Widows

28-30 Cornhill, EC3 Built: 1934-1935 Architect:  William Curtis Green Location: Cornhill Listing: Grade II Progressing eastward along Cornhill, after the imposing colonnade of Lloyds Bank and the transitional Classic-Deco Commercial Union Assurance, we come to The London offices of Scottish… Read More »Scottish Widows

Commercial Union Assurance

23-27 Cornhill, EC3Built: 1929Architect:  Maurice WebbLocation: CornhillListing: Grade II (1977) The current building, in addition to forming part of a diverse, yet coherent, set of inter-war building along the South-Western side of Cornhill, has a rather unique history.  The Commercial… Read More »Commercial Union Assurance

Lloyds Bank

15-22 Cornhill, EC3 (and 71-77 Lombard Street)Built: 1927-30Architect:  Sir John Burnet + Campbell-Jones & SmithersLocation: CornhillListing: Grade II* Like its similarly dated counterparts on Poultry (The Midland Bank and National Westminster Bank), the Lloyds Bank building is representative of the… Read More »Lloyds Bank

Hudson Bay House

now Hasilwood House 52-68 Bishopsgate, EC2 Built: 1926-28 Architect:  Mewés & Davis Location: Bishopsgate Listing: Grade II (1977) The Hudson Bay Company was headquartered at various locations in the City since being founded, in the 17th century. Construction of Hudson Bay… Read More »Hudson Bay House

The Scotsman

63 Fleet Street, EC4Built: 1921-1922Architect: Frank Matcham & CoLocation: Fleet StreetListing: not listed The eastern corner of Fleet and Bouverie streets is graced by the remaining portion of a building which formerly occupied both Nos 63 and 65, but where… Read More »The Scotsman

Bouverie House

154-160 Fleet Street, EC4 Built: 1924-1926 Architect:  Campbell-Jones, Sons & Smithers Location: Fleet Street Listing: not listed The prominence of Fleet Street as a location ensures that a great variety of stylistic fashions is visible within a few blocks. Bouverie… Read More »Bouverie House

Park House

16-18 Finsbury Circus, EC2Built: 1921Architect: Gordon & GuntonLocation:  Finsbury CircusListing: Grade II (1977) Park House was designed in 1915 but only constructed post-war, as happened to most major projects of that era. In the 1990s, the interiors were largely replaced and… Read More »Park House

Britannic House

also known as Lutyens House 1 Finsbury Circus, EC2Built: 1921-25Architect: Sir Edwin Landseer LutyensLocation: Finsbury CircusListing: Grade II* (1950) Erected at the NW corner of the Circus, Britannic House occupies the site of 14 smaller pre-existing buildings. Because part of… Read More »Britannic House

Midland Bank Building

former headquarters of the Midland Bank 27-35 Poultry and 5 Prince’s Street, EC2Built: 1924-39Architect:  Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens Location: Cheapside & PoultryListing: Grade I (1972) Considered one of Lutyens’ best formal corporate designs, the headquarters of Midland Bank, like its… Read More »Midland Bank Building