Vintners Hall

68 Upper Thames Street, EC4Built:  1908-10 (atop the original 1671-75 fabric and 1821 modifications)Architect:  Alexander Henry Kersey  (17th century portion possibly Edward Jerman)Location:  Upper Thames StreetListing:  Grade I  (1950) Ownership of this site by the Vintners probably goes back to… Read More »Vintners Hall

Gresham College

91 Gresham Street and 90 Basinghall Street, EC2Built:  1911-13Architect:  Dendy Watney & Sidney PerksLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Grade II  (1977) Gresham College is a rather unique institution, even by the often idiosyncratic standards of the City of London.  Funded by a… Read More »Gresham College

Blackwell House

Guildhall Yard, 23 King Street, EC2Built: 1905Architect:  not recordedLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Not listed This building’s style is early French renaissance with idiosyncratic elements like the Ionic capitals on engaged octagonal pilasters, a bowed central bay and an attic storey with… Read More »Blackwell House

Rock Life Assurance

15 New Bridge Street, EC4Built: 1908-1909Architect:  See note (*)Location: New Bridge StreetListing: Grade II   (1974) Between the graceful, Georgian Bridewell Hospital Gatehouse (N. 14) and the more ornate Victorian London Missionary Society (N. 16-18) rises an elegant facade, at N.… Read More »Rock Life Assurance

Telephone House

2-4 Temple Avenue & 40 Victoria Embankment, EC4Built: 1898-1902Architect:  Albert Nelson Bromley Location: Whitefriars ‒ Victoria EmbankmentListing: Grade II   (1972) This building is one of several, in the UK, known as Telephone House.  It extends along a full block of… Read More »Telephone House

Royal Exchange Buildings

2 Royal Exchange Buildings, EC2 Built: 1906-1910Architect:  Sir Ernest George & Alfred YeatesLocation: CornhillListing: Grade II   (1997) The Royal Exchange Buildings are separated from the East side of the Royal Exchange by a broad pedestrianised passage, featuring several monuments. Fountains,… Read More »Royal Exchange Buildings

Scottish Equitable Assurance

13-14 Cornhill, EC3Built: 1910Architect:  James Glen GibsonLocation: CornhillListing: Grade II (1998) This is an interesting building not least because of its tall, narrow proportions and its transitional classical style. The two-storey base is composed of rather tall ground floor and… Read More »Scottish Equitable Assurance

J Lyons Café

61 Fleet Street, EC4Built: 1910Architect: J. Lyons & Co. Works Department (probably)Location: Fleet StreetListing: not listed This building was first established as a Lyons Café and the design, though not specified in available sources is very likely by the internal… Read More »J Lyons Café

Norwich Union Insurance

leading to Sergeants’ Inn Court 49-50 Fleet Street, EC4Built: 1911-1912Architect:  Jack McMullen BrooksLocation: Fleet StreetListing: Grade II (1977) The north-facing aspect of this grand Edwardian building is a good example of a facade that establishes a dignified, cohesive and symmetric… Read More »Norwich Union Insurance