King William House

2a Eastcheap, EC3Built:  1910-11Architect:  Frank SherrinLocation:  EastcheapListing:  Grade II  (1977) Though rather modest in size and prominence, this relatively rare Edwardian addition to the Eastcheap streetscape is worth a mention.  Buildings of England characterises it as “friendly Free Jacobean” which… Read More »King William House

General Steam Navigation Co.

15 Trinity Square, EC3Built:  1908-09Architect:  Edward Blakeway l’AnsonLocation:  Tower HillListing:  Not listed The General Steam Navigation Co. erected a headquarters on Trinity Square in 1909.  The building was heightened by two stories and extended at the back to Muscovy Street… Read More »General Steam Navigation Co.

British Linen Bank

37-38 Threadneedle Street, EC2Built:  1902-1903Architect:  John Macvicar AndersonLocation:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II  (1972) Between 1725 and 1900, this was the location of a large building known as South Sea House, headquarters of the eponymous South Sea Company.  Rebuilt-after a fire… Read More »British Linen Bank

Eagle Insurance

41-42 Threadneedle Street, EC2Built:  1902,  extended in 1957Architect:  John McVicar Anderson  (extension by Waterhouse & Ripley)Location:  Threadneedle StreetListing:  Grade II  (1977) This refined, yet very approachable building benefits from its position next to the front court at No. 40 (Adams… Read More »Eagle Insurance

Vintners Hall

68 Upper Thames Street, EC4Built:  1908-10 (atop the original 1671-75 fabric and 1821 modifications)Architect:  Alexander Henry Kersey  (17th century portion possibly Edward Jerman)Location:  Upper Thames StreetListing:  Grade I  (1950) Ownership of this site by the Vintners probably goes back to… Read More »Vintners Hall

Gresham College

91 Gresham Street and 90 Basinghall Street, EC2Built:  1911-13Architect:  Dendy Watney & Sidney PerksLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Grade II  (1977) Gresham College is a rather unique institution, even by the often idiosyncratic standards of the City of London.  Funded by a… Read More »Gresham College

Blackwell House

Guildhall Yard, 23 King Street, EC2Built: 1905Architect:  not recordedLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Not listed This building’s style is early French renaissance with idiosyncratic elements like the Ionic capitals on engaged octagonal pilasters, a bowed central bay and an attic storey with… Read More »Blackwell House