Goldsmiths’ Hall

13 Foster Lane, EC2   (at the corner with Gresham Street)Built: 1829-1835Architect:  Philip HardwickLocation: Gresham StreetListing: Grade I   (1950) From its beginning, the hall faced Foster Lane, since Gresham Street was not created until well after the current building was erected. … Read More »Goldsmiths’ Hall

National Discount Co.

33-35 Cornhill, EC3Built: 1858Architect:  Frederic John Francis and Horace FrancisLocation: CornhillListing: Grade II   (1972) Faced entirely in Portland stone and benefiting from none of the chromatic enhancements of buildings further East on Cornhill, the former National Discount Company headquarters rely… Read More »National Discount Co.

The Royal Exchange

Between Cornhill and Threadneedle Street, EC3Built: 1841-1844Architect:  Sir William TiteLocation: CornhillListing: Grade I (1950) The Royal Exchange was once the pre-eminent institution within the mercantile City of London. It was founded in 1565 by Sir Thomas Gresham on a site… Read More »The Royal Exchange

National Provincial Bank

now Gibson Hall 15 Bishopsgate, EC2Built: 1864-66Architect: John GibsonLocation: BishopsgateListing: Grade I (1950) The National Provincial Bank, which later became one of the constituents of National Westminster, was one of the earliest, most aggressively commercial joint-stock banks and probably the first… Read More »National Provincial Bank

Hoare’s Bank

37 Fleet Street, EC4Built: 1829-30Architect:  Charles ParkerLocation: Fleet StreetListing: Grade II* (1954) Of the trio of private bank headquarters with a long history of presence on Fleet Street, the only one to remain in its original ownership is Hoare &… Read More »Hoare’s Bank

Credit Lyonnais

39-40 Lombard Street, EC3Built: 1866-68Architect: Frederic John Francis and Horace FrancisLocation: Lombard StreetListing: Grade II (1975) This decorative tour de force is a precursor to later Edwardian exuberance but the balanced scale and sure handling of the abundant detail ensure… Read More »Credit Lyonnais

Atlas Assurance

3 King Street and 92 Cheapside, EC2Built: 1834-36Architect:  Thomas HopperLocation: Cheapside & PoultryListing: Grade II (1972) Atlas Assurance was founded in 1808  to transact life and fire insurance business and was absorbed by Royal Exchange Assurance in 1959. For much… Read More »Atlas Assurance

London Shipping Exchange

former London Shipping Exchange 19/21 Billiter Street, EC3 Built: 1865 Architect: Edward Ellis Location: Aldgate and Fenchurch Street east Listing: Grade II (1972) Billiter Street runs between Fenchurch Street and Leadenhall Street, in the heart of the insurance district.  There… Read More »London Shipping Exchange