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Gresham College

91 Gresham Street and 90 Basinghall Street, EC2Built:  1911-13Architect:  Dendy Watney & Sidney PerksLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Grade II  (1977) Gresham College is a rather unique institution, even by the often idiosyncratic standards of the City of London.  Funded by a… Read More »Gresham College

Queen’s Assurance Co.

42-44 Gresham Street and 20 King Street, EC2Built: 1850-52Architect:  Sancton WoodLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Grade II  (1972) Though often associated with his prolific work for railways, Sancton Wood designed many London buildings in other genres.  These office, for the Queen’s Assurance… Read More »Queen’s Assurance Co.

Irish Chamber

Guildhall Yard, EC2Built: 1824-25Architect:  Joseph WalkerLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Grade II  (1972) This modest building is all that remains of Georgian auxiliary buildings to the Guildhall built in the early 1800s. The rest were replaced by Victorian Gothic buildings in the… Read More »Irish Chamber

Blackwell House

Guildhall Yard, 23 King Street, EC2Built: 1905Architect:  not recordedLocation: Gresham StreetListing:  Not listed This building’s style is early French renaissance with idiosyncratic elements like the Ionic capitals on engaged octagonal pilasters, a bowed central bay and an attic storey with… Read More »Blackwell House

Goldsmiths’ Hall

13 Foster Lane, EC2   (at the corner with Gresham Street)Built: 1829-1835Architect:  Philip HardwickLocation: Gresham StreetListing: Grade I   (1950) From its beginning, the hall faced Foster Lane, since Gresham Street was not created until well after the current building was erected. … Read More »Goldsmiths’ Hall

Gresham Street

Up to the 1840s, the area surrounding the Guildhall (between Cheapside, London Wall, Saint Martin Le Grand and Coleman Street) did not feature any major east-west avenue, but rather a hodgepodge of narrow lanes.  In 1845, Lad Lane and Cateaton… Read More »Gresham Street

Furness House

52-56 Leadenhall Street & 105-106 Fenchurch Street, EC3Built:  1919-1921Architect:  Marcus Evelyn Collins, Owen Hyman Collins, Leo Sylvester SullivanLocation:  Leadenhall and AldgateListing:  Not listed This large office building was erected as the London offices of the Furness & Withy shipping conglomerate. … Read More »Furness House

Lloyds of London

(former frontispiece) 12-19 Leadenhall Street, EC3Built:  1925-1928Architect:  Sir Edwin CooperLocation:  LeadenhallListing:  Grade II  (1972) The site here is largely occupied by Richard Rogers’ 1986 complex of office blocks in High Tech style, surely one of the most iconic buildings of the… Read More »Lloyds of London