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Gracechurch Street

The first written record of this street dates from 1276 but archaeological evidence suggests it existed as early as the 10th C., connecting the area of the former Roman forum to the early London Bridge.  The name, of medieval origin,… Read More »Gracechurch Street

Cory Building

117 Fenchurch Street, EC3Built:  1921-23Architect:  Edgar Stones and William Gillbee ScottLocation:  Fenchurch StreetStatus:  demolished in 2014 The rate of destruction of viable pre-war buildings in the City of London has been rather modest, since the 1990s, but it did not… Read More »Cory Building

Eastcheap House

22-28 Eastcheap, EC3Built: 1885Architect: George EdwardsLocation: EastcheapListing: Not listed Located at the corner of Eastcheap and St Mary-at-Hill, next door to Peek House, this is a relatively modest building with little history associated with it.  Yet, it is a good… Read More »Eastcheap House

Peek House

20 Eastcheap, EC3Built: 1883-85Architect: Alexander PeeblesLocation: EastcheapListing: not listed Following the widening of Eastcheap, a number of new commercial premises were built on the south side of the street, including Peek House.  With its generous fenestration and simple massing this building… Read More »Peek House

14-16 Eastcheap

14-16 Eastcheap, EC3Built:  1890Architect:  not recordedLocation:  EastcheapListing:  not listed The available literature tells us little about the original client or architect for this fine, gabled building that spans a short block on Eastcheap.  Directory entries post-1890 show multiple occupancy and… Read More »14-16 Eastcheap

Hunt & Crombie

23 Eastcheap, EC3Built:  1861-62Architect:  John Young & SonLocation:  EastcheapListing:  Grade II  (1972) Hunt & Crombie were spice merchants and this building was erected as their offices and warehouse.   Pre-war buildings on the north side of Eastcheap generally retain a smaller… Read More »Hunt & Crombie

Eastcheap Buildings

19-21 Eastcheap, EC3Built:  1881Architect:  Charles Reilly Sr.Location:  EastcheapListing:  Not listed Built for the Draper’s Company as a speculative office development, this complex achieves a medium scale without being penalised by any undue heaviness. Like several corner buildings on this street,… Read More »Eastcheap Buildings

King William House

2a Eastcheap, EC3Built:  1910-11Architect:  Frank SherrinLocation:  EastcheapListing:  Grade II  (1977) Though rather modest in size and prominence, this relatively rare Edwardian addition to the Eastcheap streetscape is worth a mention.  Buildings of England characterises it as “friendly Free Jacobean” which… Read More »King William House


Eastcheap, from ‘east market’ in early English, is a relative toponym, as opposed to Cheapside, which was the westerly market location within the City of London. The Eastcheap placename is first recorded in the 11th century.  Late medieval London chroniclers… Read More »Eastcheap